BLF Partners provides legal business support. We strive for open and fair dialogue with our clients – in each case, we rely on an honest assessment of the situation our clients are in.


Your reputation is our competence.

BLF Partners provides legal business support. We strive for open and fair dialogue with our clients – in each case, we rely on an honest assessment of the situation our clients are in.


Your reputation is our competence.

Legal services for business. Asset protection

BLF Partners offers complex legal support for businesses in the field of tax, contract and labor laws. Our lawyers are engaged in subscription services for various commercial structures – from start-ups to large businesses.

The BLF Partners team takes into account the profile of a legal entity when offering personalized services. Our aim is to prevent and resolve disputes a company may face due to the complexity of the current legislation.

Litigation and dispute resolution

BLF Partners uses the full range of legal measures to resolve a wide variety of disputes in arbitrary courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Since the factual background of the case is rather essential, in each case we discuss it with the client in detail so that we can choose the best strategy to process his case.

Comprehensive and complete analysis of the case is the key to succeeding in court. BLF Partners manages to win cases and change the case law.

Infrastructure projects. Real estate

In the course of implementing infrastructure projects, companies often experience difficulties arising out of the complexity of legislation to be applied and other aspects, such as the company’s size and a large number of people/ companies involved. Legal support provided by BLF Partners will ensure the client’s interests are fully respected.

BLF Partners also takes into account the unique role of public-private partnership and infrastructure projects in the economy. As a result, we are happy to support any project in this field.
Any real estate transaction poses different risks to both contracting parties. They are based on the high value of the object to be sold as well as on other peculiarities such as further profitability of the sold real estate, the costs of its maintenance and service. Based on that, legal support in such transactions is not a luxury, but rather a necessity in the modern world.

Antimonopoly compliance, disputes in the Federal Antimonopoly Service and legal support for procurement

An antimonopoly compliance system created by BLF Partners will help to significantly reduce the risks which may arise due to requirements addressed by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation. Our compliance system is a preventive measure in the field of antitrust law. It is always said that it is easier to prevent a violation than to deal with its consequences.

If your business has faced problems in this area, the experience of BLF Partners may level them for you. Our team will also help you to understand the peculiarities of Federal law No. 44 and 223 which govern trading and competitive procedures.

Digital Economy

BLF Partners advise on the IT area and supports corresponding transactions. Since the current IT legislation does not always meet the needs of the fast developing IT market, BLF Partners is always trying to find the most creative and at the same time suitable solutions for our clients. Our specialists have extensive experience in solving non-standard situations in the field of digital business.

BLF Partners provides full legal support for commercial activities in the field of high technologies, helps to understand the issues of legislative regulation of cryptocurrency and other legal intricacies of the IT sphere.

Corporate law

BLF Partners will solve the legal aspects of management in JSC, PJSC and LLC which take place on a daily basis. Business for sale, investments, new shareholders, profit sharing and other difficult issues in a company may often lead to corporate conflicts which must be resolved before they escalate into a real war between its shareholders.

However, even in this case, BLF Partners seeks an amicable settlement of the dispute. Our lawyers specialize not only in the corporate law of the Russian Federation, but also foreign ones, which is especially important in connection with the current geopolitical situation.

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